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What Type of Gyprock is Perfect for You?

Although gyprock ceilings Perth don’t have to deal with the high levels of humidity that other parts of the country might, they can be subject to wearing down and may even show signs sooner than expected. Installations these days tend to have wider spacing, so sagging and other signs of wear can be especially noticeable. These issues can be exacerbated certain materials and systems have been installed improperly. Choosing the right people for installations and repairs is an incredibly important task as it is the only way to ensure that the job is done correctly. All Ceiling Repairs airs are some of the most experienced experts who can help people throughout the metro area, whether you need help for a residential or commercial project.

Gyprock is a great ceiling material

Gyprock is a popular brand of plasterboard that is used all throughout Australia. In Perth, gyprock ceilings are the leading choice for creating flush jointed systems. When combined with well prepared framing, strong plasterboard sheets can be taped and set to the ceiling, allowing for continuous ceilings that can be easily painted. One great thing about Gyprock is its versatility; there are many different kinds of Gyprock that are specially suited to unique applications. Read below for some of these different applications.

Get the Gyprock perfect for your needs

  • Improved sag resistance

When dealing with materials for gyprock ceilings Perth there are specific qualities that are quite popular. One of the most recommended qualities is sag resistance. If any 600mm joist centres are being installed, then this quality is particularly vital.

  • Soundproofing

 Soundproofing is an important requirement for many locations. Ceilings and walls will need to be fitted with a specific type of gyprock. The type you want should be high-density and have a recessed edge. Acoustic ceilings of 10mm thickness work optimally.

  • Eco-friendly

Most types of plasterboard are eco-friendly but there are options for completely recycled content. The core will tend to be denser and the acoustic properties are very good. If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly option for your home or business, then this might be the perfect choice for you. Click here to know more about the plasterboard ceiling.

  • Humidity resistance

Not as necessary for gyprock ceilings in Perth but there are still rooms like the kitchen and bathroom that could use this quality. Plasterboard with this quality tend to have a strong dense core and have a special back treatment.

  • Anti-fungal

No one likes mould in the house. Certain types of gyprock is treated with anti-fungal agents to help prevent the spread of mould. Typically boards like this also have a high resistance to humidity as well.

Get great value gyprock for your installations and repairs

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If you’re not sure which type of gyprock would be right for you, don’t hesitate to ask for advice from the professionals at All Ceiling Repairs. Check out their website or give them a call today.