Waste Management

What You Didn’t Know About Zero Waste

Why You Should Adopt a Zero Waste Lifestyle

With the global population rising and more and more waste being reduced, wouldn’t it be great if we could move towards a future where we are wasting less not more? Zero waste sounds like a  difficult goal but it is possible with lots of great  recycling companies in Perth being able to help. Think of the key difference that could be made in our community if a recycling centre in Perth was used more than a landfill. Here are some key benefits why you should consider adopting a zero waste philosophy.

Save Money

A common misconception about zero waste is that it is extremely pricey and will cost substantially more than producing excessive waste. This is not the case. Saving money with a zero waste lifestyle is incredibly easy and there are countless ways that you change your behaviour to benefit the planet. From growing your own food and using common items to male your own cleaning products to using washable, reusable containers instead of single use, disposable ones.

Become Healthier

Non-recyclable plastics are often toxic and quite bad for human health. Additionally, moving away from potentially harmful chemicals, the likes of which can be found in items like fragrances, cosmetics and cleaning products.A zero waste lifestyle can often be achieved by making natural variants instead of buying products from the shop. There are numerous studies that have identified links between these chemicals and disease. Clearly you can improve your health by going natural.

It’s Easy

Every change, even the small changes can make a huge difference to the environment. So it’s important that you don’t think you need to change your lifestyle abruptly. Just start with small changes like using glass water bottles or reusable bags before making larger changes. Even paying mind to using recycling companies in Perth and consciously thinking about where your waste is going. Every step towards a more waste free future is something to be celebrated and the more people that are involved the faster we can create a better tomorrow.

Inspire Others

Recycling and waste management is everyone’s responsibility and by making efforts to move towards a zero waste lifestyle you may begin to inspire those around you. As a good example for your community, others will begin to take note .

Help the Environment

Although this is an obvious benefit, the importance of zero waste cannot be overstated. Every non-recyclable product that you avoid means one less product filling up our landfills and make an important step to help our planet.

Final Tips

  • Avoid fast food as most if these restaurants use plastic containers that can’t be recycled
  • Avoid single use products. Choose reusable options instead.
  • Pay mind to food waste. Use reusable containers or consider composting
  • Shop from op-shops when possible instead of purchasing new clothes all the time.
  • Remember even small changes make a big difference. There’s no need to go waste free instantly.

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