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What’s The Difference Between Brickies Sand and Fill Sand?

In building and construction and also civil works, there are several sorts of sand available to work with. Let’s take a look at two of the usual ones listed below, brickies sand and also fill sand, and also what sand is best suited for your needs.

What Is Brickies Sand?

As the name recommends, brickies sand is most commonly made use of in the bricklaying and also masonry sectors. What establishes it other than various other kinds of sand is its high clay material, which wards off water and also makes the sand stickier and also extra convenient when combined with concrete. This residential property is the reason why brickies sand is commonly described as ‘fatty’. Brickies sand is a versatile product. It can come in different colours as well as can be used for a range of purposes.

Brick laying sand should have a healthy clay and fine content in order to accommodate cement as well as water, which would certainly enable it to create a best mortar. It needs to be both convenient as well as have solid bonding qualities, as a wall’s structural stability will certainly be endangered by inadequate mortar.

Best usages for brickies sand

Brickies sand is most frequently used in the building industry, with usual usages consisting of:

Brick wall construction

Stonework work, where it can be utilized to create mortar for laying blocks

Sedimentary rock, where it can be included into block work construction

Leading preps, where it is fantastic for high compaction screed off

Tough stands, where it’s function in pad prep work is crucial

What is Fill Sand?

Fill sand is used for loading functions. High quality fill sand has the correct amounts of clay, which enables it to be of strong compaction, and also means it offers high toughness structures. Every one of our fill sand is sourced from our virgin site and also offers incomparable compaction and also drainage, two important variables. If you’re looking for backfill on maintaining wall surfaces or high-rise buildings, our fill sand is the only option.

Best usages for fill sand

Fill sand is made use of for a number of purposes in high rise building and construction loading and also civil works markets.

Base preparation for concrete piece puts


Huge civil works, where it can be used to develop a strong base

Road building, where it can be made use of to lay foundations

Land fill communities as well as construction preps

Choose The Best Sand Supplier in Perth

In both fill sand and brickies sand Perth, Premium Allsands is the leader for a premium sand supplier for building filling up and civil works alike in Perth as well as larger WA location. We are a family-run company that has been operating for over two decades, which permits us to provide a high degree of quality both in the items we offer and our customer support.

Get in contact today to learn more of the sand we offer as well as their numerous applications or to get an over the phone quote contact us today on (08) 9733 2289. Our friendly team would certainly be happy to assist you by any means we can.