Work from home started to become a new trend in the early April of 2020 where the COVID-19 began to widen to the entire world including in Perth, Western Australia. At the time, people were not ready to adopt the new habit of working from home due to the certain factors which including the house condition is a mess. Now, the adaptation of the new way of life has been going smoothly the past months and people have become more productive working from home. However, there are certain factors that people still neglecting during the work from home which could lower their mood and slower the productivity. Therefore, here are some work from home tips to pump up your productivity.

1. Make the room comfy

But not too comfortable because then you will losing focus and decided to rest early. If you are using your bedroom for work from home use, the best way is to balance out the comfortable and the work factors. The bed can stay but leave only the work chair because a sofa could be a distraction. If there are too many posters or decorations hanging up on the wall take it out and substitute with a whiteboard where you can easily note your work schedule.

2. Brighten the room

Lighting holds one of the major factors on increasing your productivity because with a dim light it will tire your eyes easily and hard to read any written documentation. Therefore, adding some additional lightings on the desk and at the room edges can help a lot.

3. Place the work desk beside the window

Why? Because looking at outside will refresh your mood after a long tiring day of work, especially if your home situated near a garden or a lake. Mostly working from home makes people looking at their computer or laptop screen all the time which could make the eyes go weary due to the screen blue saturation, therefore, adding a green saturation by looking at the trees and grasses outside the room will help to refresh the eyes.

4. Clean the room regularly

Who doesn’t love a clean and neat room, especially if the room is used for work as well? By cleaning the room regularly from dush and declutter some old and unused stuff you are creating a safe and healthy working area. However, just because of the rubbish has gone from the room doesn’t mean your cleaning work has completed, you need to manage it properly using a skip bin. Hiring a mini skip bin with 2m3 in size more than enough to manage all of your daily waste. Check with your local provider of skip bins Perth for more info.

5. Treat it like you are working normally at the office

One of the most neglected things while doing work from home is people tends to treat it too comfortable. Sometimes people do the online conference just wearing their pyjama or just woken up, therefore, this could lead to low productivity. Just be natural, like every day is you are going to the office, wake up early, take a shower, dress properly, prepare a coffee then start doing the work on your desk, with this mindset you will feel more pumped to give your best to do the work every day.

6. Don’t get easily distracted

These days two things can easily distract anyone attention during work, Food and Social Media. Yes, you might have plenty of food or snack in the kitchen cooked by your mother or wife but doesn’t mean during you can consume it every time during the work hours. Then social media, you can always keep them on minimum by setting up the phone on silent mode.

7. Do a thorough planning 

Now you have the whiteboard placed on the wall, you can start planning on everything to make it easier on work from home. You can plan on the next task of work or maybe when to do groceries shopping without using the work hours, all of them can be planned thoroughly because now you have more spare time. 


We understand that there are people out there that still think the conventional working system is the best for productivity, it’s true but we need to learn to adapt to the current situation, which hopefully, these few tips can give you a better start on working from home. Thank you for reading and feel free to share the article.